Our mission

To support innovation in fertility treatments in order to help couples and individuals realise their desire to have a child. Thus we are contributing to a new paradigm in fertility treatments, making them accessible to more people.



We are supporting a project that is breaking new ground within the field of fertility treatments. It will be a paradigm shift for people who today have no possibility to have biological children.

The reasons for infertility may be the lack of own sex cells – for example, men with chromosome variation, young boys who have to undergo cancer treatment, or women who are approaching menopause. The technology is currently under preclinical development.

The research group behind Kallistem has been working in the field of infertility for 25 years. The company was established in 2012 and is lead by two internationally recognised experts of reproduction research.

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We collect funds and transfer them to Kallistem and thus help finance their work. Join us – together we can make a significant difference for the realisation of this project.

By clicking the button below, you can choose to make your donation by PayPal (with 3.4% + 0.50 CHF retained by PayPal in administrative costs). If you instead wish to make a bank transfer, our IBAN is CH11 0900 0000 1527 4099 8.

All fonds go directly to Kallistem.



The company Kallistem was founded in 2012 following the research work of Philippe Durand and Marie-Hélène Perrard. Their research is based on two innovative, patented technologies and paves the way for new kinds of treatments to preserve and restore fertility.

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A schooled physiologist and specialist in molecular endocrinology, who for ten years was the director of the unit for Animal Physiology at the INRA centre in Tours-Nouzilly, then headed the 418 unit at Inserm. He has also been responsible for the group for "Functional genomics in reroduction" at the Institut de Génomique Fonctionelle in Lyon. Philippe Durand has signed more than 150 scientific publications in international journals.

See more on the website of Kallistem.

CEO and Scientific Director



Researcher employed through the French National Center for Scientific Research, and a specialist in the study of the cell regulation of testicles and spermatogenesis, and of the cytological study of these cells. She has signed some 45 scientific publications in international journals, 25 of which are related to Bio-AlteR® technology.

See more on the website of Kallistem.

President of the Scientific Council



Contact us to know more about A-Deux, the research of Kallistem and how to contribute to a revolution in fertility treatments.


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